Commercial Collections, Liens and Litigation in Boca Raton

The Law Office of Thomas J. Maccari P.A. of Boca Raton, Florida is a full service law firm poised to assist you in your commercial collection, lien enforcement and civil litigation needs. We also offer business services such as invoice creation, contracts and promissory notes.

Commercial Collections

The Law Office of Thomas J. Maccari, P.A. has been assisting Boca Raton businesses with their commercial debt collection needs for over 25 years. We collect on commercial debts in almost every industry in the state of Florida; from insurance debts to construction debts, from restaurant collections to manufacturer collections. It is to your advantage that our commercial collections company is a law firm as well. This means all available resources at our disposal are employed in assisting your company with its collection needs. Once we receive your claim, attorney Thomas J. Maccari, P.A. and his team will make every effort to resolve the outstanding balance due to your business without the necessity of litigation.

Business Litigation

Should litigation become necessary, Mr. Maccari’ s extensive experience as a lawyer handling civil litigation in the Boca Raton area and throughout the state of Florida allows our firm to pursue collection of your commercial claim through the court system with skillfulness and vitality. Our firm will be prepared to carry your lawsuit with an emphasis on a speedy resolution through every step until and including trial. We will take whatever legal action is necessary in order to effectuate collection of your commercial collections claim.

Commercial Liens

Our firm represents distributors, installers, manufacturers, contractors and other businesses in serving notices, liens and all necessary documentation under Florida’s Lien & Bond Statutes in order to secure payment for labor and materials. The Law Office of Thomas J. Maccari, P.A. is experienced and effective in handling commercial liens in Boca Raton and surrounding cities.

Request a Consultation

Mr. Maccari is a collections lawyer licensed to practice law in the state of Florida and The United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida and we are located at 7700 Congress Ave., Suite 1133, Boca Raton, Fl., 33487. Call (561) 982-9772 for a consultation.

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