Plumbing Industry Collections in Florida

One of the biggest challenges for plumbers today is ensuring they’re able to get paid when they do the work. While plumbing can be lucrative work, it becomes much less valuable when clients don’t pay and other financial problems arise. This is why so many Florida plumbers reach out to collections professionals like our firm to help them with their collection issues. Thomas J. Maccari, PA has a great reputation for helping all small businesses in Florida collect what they’re owed. He has an especially good reputation assisting those in the plumbing industry.

Minimizing Losses for Plumbers

Plumbers lose thousands of dollars each year from commercial and residential clients who aren’t able to pay or slow pay the plumber. Many work on a credit or invoice basis as an industry standard, billing clients after the fact out of courtesy. This opens up risks, but it doesn’t have to leave the plumber holding an empty bag. Thomas Maccari, PA works with plumbers from Boca Raton to Stuart to Fort Pierce to Tallahassee to recover this money using some of the following tactics:

Handling Debt Collection Responsibly

Even if a client owes money, you’ll want to handle the situation in a way that’s responsible and maintains your good reputation. Plumbers often do a significant amount or word of mouth business, so they can’t afford to burn bridges by using aggressive tactics. Good lawyers like Thomas Maccari, PA exist to make the process easier. He handles these issues in a way plumbers can be proud of, taking care of the problem without breaking the law or bringing negative publicity to the plumber.

Plumbers in Florida should know they don’t have to handle debt collections alone. Debt collecting can be tedious and time-consuming. For hard-working plumbers, it’s critical to allow a professional to handle things so you can spend time serving your other clients. So if you own a plumbing business, contact Thomas J Maccari at for a complimentary consultation at (561) 982-9772 or click here to see what we can do for you.

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