Florida Construction Debt Collection

The construction industry in Florida can at times feel like the Wild West. With new construction going up at record rates from Delray Beach to Naples, there are many business deals that don’t work out the way you might have planned. Given the volatile nature of this business, you might find yourself on the losing end of a deal, needing to collect from a contractor or owner. Attorney Thomas Maccari has developed a reputation in Boca Raton and across the state of helping businesses like yours collect from those companies that stiff them on critical deals.

Fast growth throughout Florida fuels more construction disputes

Florida has six of the fastest growing metro areas in the country. Most people know that Orlando and Miami are growing, but many don’t know about The Villages, Cape Coral, and other spots where people are coming to enjoy the fun and sun. With that growth has come a tremendous amount of new construction on both the residential and commercial sides. This new growth has presented issues, including the following:

Debt recovery when things go wrong in the Florida construction industry

People are finally learning that they don’t have to go silently into the night when they lose out on a construction deal. As a collections lawyer with years of experience collecting on construction debts, Thomas Maccari and his staff at Thomas J. Maccari P.A. help individuals recover every day when they’ve been abused in a bad business deal. Good lawyers understand how to put the right kind of pressure on defendants who won’t pay. In some cases, it takes a strongly worded letter. In other instances, Mr. Maccari uses leverage and skill to extract a payment. The point for clients is always to get what they’re owed when another business refuses to pay.
People around Boca Raton know Thomas Maccari as a lawyer who goes to work on behalf of people who’ve been wronged. It’s not just Boca, though, where the construction industry is booming. All over Florida, from Tallahassee to West Palm Beach, those who need help with Florida construction industry collections can take advantage of Thomas J. Maccari P.A.’s professional assistance.
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