Tips on Retail Debt Collection in Florida

Are you trying to collect money owed to you by a Florida retailer?

As a business providing services for retail business in the state of Florida, not getting paid for product or work that you have produced is a big deal – It has deleterious effects on your own motivation and ability to get other things done. After all, what is the motivation in working when you aren’t being compensated? Thousands of dollars can be lost for services, suppliers and wholesalers that don’t want to pursue collections. Fortunately for wholesalers and suppliers across many industries in Florida, there is a way to collect those lingering debts from retailers by doing it yourself or relying on a professional retail debt collector.

Here is a list of retail collection tips and to-do’s to start with:

  1. Start by sending a reminder letter
  2. Next, make a follow up phone call – phone calls are harder to ignore than letters. Don’t be afraid to make the call.
  3.  Take this tip – Don’t threaten the client or get angry.
  4.  Take legal action – A demand letter is an important tactic in taking legal action to collect from retailers. ( Thomas Maccari is ready to assist you with steps 1, 4 and 5. )
  5. Consider taking your customer to court or hiring an retail debt collection agency like Thomas Maccari, PA. to perform the collections duties for you.

If you are a business that serves Florida retailers and need to collect, you could be wary about straining personal relationships with other business owners. You can choose to do this yourself or have a law firm like Thomas Maccari, PA., that performs collections assist you. Thomas Maccari will handle your case carefully. Since you rely on these connections, Thomas Maccari, PA. will make sure each situation is finished in a professional manner, helping you obtain what you deserve and maintaining the crucial business relationship. Is that something you want to handle on your own? We didn’t think so.

So here’s a final tip: Thomas Maccari, PA. serves all of Florida businesses, with experience and competence in dealing with businesses that need to collect from retailers. Let the Law Office of Thomas J. Maccari deal with the delicate situation of collecting so that you don’t have to.
Thomas Maccari, PA. is well suited and has extensive experience in collecting debts for all sizes of retail businesses. Whether you are collecting from a retail chain or from a ‘mom and pop’ retailer in a small shopping center, the Law Office of Thomas J. Maccari will serve as your collector to make sure your case is handled thoroughly and expertly.
You may think that hiring a lawyer is expensive, but it is more expensive to let go of money owed. Thomas Maccari will also work to avoid litigation and settle out of court which satisfies both parties. If your case comes to litigation, rest assured that Thomas Maccari is the right lawyer and debt collector for the job.

Thomas Maccari also serves as a debt collector in the following industries:

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