Florida Restaurant Vendor Debt Collection

Life in the food industry is not always fun and games for vendors in Florida. As many have come to find out, restaurants can be volatile financially, and getting paid when you provide a restaurant with food or materials is an ever-changing challenge. The good news for Florida restaurant industry vendors who have trouble collecting debts is that they don’t have to go it alone. Restaurant collection lawyer Thomas Maccari, PA of Boca Raton provides effective assistance to his clients from Miami to Naples to West Palm Beach and throughout the state of Florida; industry vendors who might otherwise struggle to recoup their outlays.
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The Tangled Web of Florida Restaurant Industry Purveyors

Before a meal can hit the table for a customer, many different companies are usually involved in deals that diners will never know about. For instance, a Florida restaurant owner serving farm-to-table fruit plates might have gotten the oranges from a vendor, the watermelon from another, and the equipment to clean his dishes from another still. Each of these vendors expects to be paid when that vendor sends out an invoice for the goods. Unfortunately not all restaurant owners pay on time or pay at all. This is where legal help can sometimes become necessary. Need help collecting on debts owed to you? Call (561) 982-9772 for a complimentary consultation.

When Restaurants Don’t Pay Vendors

Restaurants fail in their obligations to pay for a host of reasons. Some run into financial difficulty and have trouble making ends meet. Others are run by owners who do not have the ability to manage a restaurant. While most restaurant owners and managers are not guilty of malice, their non-payment is a problem just the same. When these restaurants don’t pay, it’s critical for vendors to make the right decisions. What a vendor does when he learns that the restaurant is struggling to pay can be the difference in a good resolution and something less than good.

Attorney Thomas Maccari, PA has been helping vendors in the Florida restaurant industry for quite some time. Good lawyers can help vendors navigate a difficult area of the law, making it easier for them to recover what they’re owed. It’s a must for Florida vendors to have the right legal representation in their pocket when they’re dealing with restaurants that may go out of business at any time.

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