What to Do to Get the Most Out of Your Commercial Collections in Delray Beach?

Businesses face the challenges of collecting from vendors that owe them money or products and services. The challenge is that most collection attorneys are focusing only on the consumer side of things. 

According to the Collection Bureau of America, commercial collections are an $18 billion industry and growing by 4.4% annually. 

Getting the most out of your debt collection requires working with a professional that produces results. Here are some things to consider so you get the most out of your commercial debt collections in Delray Beach.  


Specialization is one of the areas you want to focus on to get the best results. Not all collectors are the same and you want to choose an attorney that specializes in commercial collections in Delray Beach. 

The best approach is to ask about the experience, knowledge, and qualifications in this area. You want to see if they were successful in contacting mid and high-level executives and what approaches work well. 

A good way to determine this is to look at the testimonials and ask for a list of referrals. This will help you to find an excellent firm for commercial collections. 

The Law Offices of Thomas Maccari P.A. is the best in commercial collections. We have five-star reviews from our clients and know how to get you the money you are owed. No one is better at commercial collections than our trained and experienced team of professionals. 

The Approach

You must follow certain procedures under the law to be the most effective at commercial collections. 

The first step is a letter is sent out that is followed by attempts to directly contact the organization. 

You want to work with a collector that does their homework and has a strategy for approaching the debtor. The best approaches are to use honesty, build trust, and show professionalism. Once the debtor realizes this is when you will see them become more willing to work with you. They know that you are following the law and acting responsibly. 

A great collector listens carefully, empathizes, and understands their situation. They are not trying to threaten or berate the debtor. There are certain practices you follow that will get you the best results in collecting the money you are owed. 

The Law Offices of Thomas J Maccari P.A. is the best commercial collections attorney in Delray Beach. They are members of the Commercial Law League of America and have favorable reviews in American Lawyers Quarterly. 

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