Businesses are not required to hire a commercial collections lawyer in Delray Beach to draft their contracts. However, it is important to note that if money is involved, you risk a substantial loss by not having a lawyer at your side. At the Law Office of Thomas J. Maccari, P.A., we not only provide quick and efficient service to help clients obtain payment from the debtor before litigation, but we can also help you draft important contracts and credit applications. So, while it is not a requirement to hire a lawyer, here are reasons we believe you should.

We Can Fix The Contract To Protect You

A contract is an important document that should never be written hastily or at the last minute. You should carefully consider your choice of words when drafting any legally binding agreement, as it can make the difference between protecting your company or becoming a liability. Our team of experienced lawyers can offer their knowledgeable opinion and legal skills to identify sections that are unclear or may cause problems down the road.

We Offer An Outside Perspective

Lawyers do not gain anything from the outcome of the agreement. This can prove invaluable when you need honest advice, an outside perspective, or a second opinion with important business dealings. Furthermore, we look at the situation from several different angles. For example, we always consider the worst-case scenarios. We then incorporate these scenarios into the contract to ensure the other party does not find a loophole if they do not meet their obligations.

We Make Sure It’s Legally Enforceable

When it comes to contracts, your wording is everything. Even if you intended to say one thing, you may have written it in a way that the other party can manipulate to suit their favor, or the court is unable to interpret. Every detail, even the placement of a comma, matters when drafting a contract. You may not know this, but a lawyer does. That is why it’s important to have a professional review the draft before it is finalized.

Although our team generally helps businesses with their debt collection, lien enforcement, and civil litigation needs, we also provide other business services such as custom contracts. We can ensure that nothing of significance is left out or misworded and that your contract is legally enforceable.

We Don’t Use Contract Templates

You have a lot on your plate, so to make things easier, you print out a contract template that you found online. You have read and reread it and you strongly believe that it sounds good and looks valid. As you may know, lawyers do not recommend that you do this. Our reasoning is simple.

  • Who drafted the template? Was it a legal professional or just someone who is good at grammar and writing? Since you don’t know, this can pose many serious problems in the future.
  • Is the template up to date and accurate? If it was written years ago, it is possible that the laws have changed since then.
  • Templates are too vague – they cannot cover the legal issues that are specific to your industry. When the wording is too vague, the courts may not enforce the contract.
  • Did you receive the owner’s permission before using the template? Plagiarism may be the last thing on your mind but using a template without the writer’s permission can make you liable for copyright infringement.

At the Law Office of Thomas J. Maccari, P.A., we do a lot more than provide services for commercial collections in Delray Beach. Our team can draft contracts that are specific to your unique situation, whether it be for goods or materials sold, services rendered, or practically any other situation that must be confirmed in writing.

We Will Include New Regulations And State Laws

As previously stated, one of the problems with templates is that they may be outdated. Additionally, you most likely will not find a template that takes state laws into account. Have you kept up with the new laws and regulations? With so many other considerations and decisions to make, it is not unusual for business owners not to know the latest legislative changes. Nevertheless, you want to draft a contract that is up to date and the best way to do this is by contacting our lawyers in South Florida.

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5 Reasons To Hire A Lawyer To Draft Your Business Contracts