A construction lien, also known as a mechanic’s lien, is a strong and legal way for contractors to get paid for services or materials they provide on a project. It is a claim filed by workers who have completed work on a property but have not been paid. Boca Raton Construction Lien rights are generally held by direct contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, equipment lessors, design specialists (architects and engineers), and workers. 

While lien rights for suppliers-to-suppliers are not usually common, each state’s lien law is unique. These general rules do not apply to everyone. However, there are several exceptions to the Construction Liens in Boca Raton, such as sub-subcontractors, suppliers to suppliers, and anyone who is supposed to be licensed in Florida but isn’t.

Scroll down to see how construction liens are a powerful tool and how they protect workers’ rights to a great extent.

They Get You Paid!

The most obvious benefit is that it ensures that you are paid. A mechanic’s lien ensures that you are paid for the labor or supplies you supply on a renovation, repair, or construction job by restricting the property. 

Construction Liens are public records and will show up on a property’s title search. This means that if the property owner wants to sell the property, they will have a tough time doing so if there is a lien on it.

They Put Pressure On the Debtor 

Mechanic’s liens, rather than a lawsuit, can be a significantly more effective means for you to collect your payment. It also includes a deadline for when litigation will begin if payment is not received, and the prospect of a lawsuit is typically enough to convince the homeowner to pay the debt. 

It may be tough for the homeowner to ignore your mechanic’s lien if you file it correctly.


Reduced Financial Risk

Filing a Construction Lien against a private or government property will help you claim your right to make a bond claim. When a state, county, or municipal project remains unpaid, the unpaid party can file a claim for payment against the payment bond.

You can utilize a lien as a type of security to force payment if you are not paid for the work or materials you provided on a building project. A lien is a legal claim against the property title that is extremely difficult to remove without paying the bill.

Contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers, all of whom are obliged to put up considerable sums of money upfront, benefit from this entitlement.

Claim to Security Interest

Unpaid parties that provided labor or materials on a private building project whether residential or commercial, might file a Construction Lien. The claimant will obtain a security interest in the improved property by filing the mechanics lien. When the employer defaults, it gives the workers the legal right to claim property financed with the loan.

Stop The Cash Flow On The Disputed Project

When you file a mechanics lien, you can often stop cash flow, which serves to your advantage. Until you are paid or the owner of the project gets assurance that you will be paid soon, the lender or the owner will stop paying its general or specific subcontractors. 

When cash flow is limited in the construction sector, it’s tough for contractors and owners to stay ahead of the competition. This pause puts pressure on them and draws everyone’s attention, which ensures that you are paid as soon as possible.

Speed Up The Payment Process 

Another significant benefit is that the lender will ask the owner to remove the lien even before the property is put on the market in order to maintain a clear security interest in the property. You might be able to get paid sooner as a result of this. 

If the homeowner fails to pay you, the lien gives you the legal authority to collect from the property. Most importantly, filing a mechanics lien informs all parties involved that you are serious about collecting payment and will take legal action to do it.

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When a mechanics lien is attached to a debt, the chances of that obligation being paid improve dramatically. 

A mechanics lien on the property provides security for your obligation, involves more parties, causes contractual breaches, and is difficult to remove – for many of the reasons listed above. 

Because of these factors, it provides leverage, which means the mechanical lien might assist you in getting paid in more ways than one. Give us a call today at (561) 982-9772 to learn more.

Construction Liens – How They Protect the Rights of Workers