Benefits of a Florida Commercial Debt Collection Attorney

When you need help collecting funds to recover an unpaid loan, you may benefit from hiring a debt collection attorney. They can provide legal assistance, help collect large debts from your clients, and simplify the overall process. Don’t give up attempting to collect a debt. Instead, contact a Florida commercial debt collection attorney like the Law Office of Thomas J. Maccari, P.A.

What is a debt collection attorney?

A debt collection attorney specializes in coming up with strategies for businesses and individuals to collect payment from those who refuse to pay. Their years of experience and expert legal solutions will make them an asset when your business wants to reclaim money that was loaned out. When you hire a Florida commercial debt collection attorney, this person will offer assistance in many ways. For example, lawyers will draft letters threatening legal action against the debtor, handle the necessary paperwork and represent you in court, if necessary.

In general, they do not leave harassing phone calls, as these methods are not always effective. It’s likely that your business has already utilized that strategy unsuccessfully. Additionally, attorneys collecting a debt do not report late payments or defaults to credit reporting bureaus, which can make it difficult for debtors to obtain a loan in the future. Instead, the attorney you hire will take several legal actions, such as:

  • File a lawsuit against the debtor
  • Determine what the debtor can afford to pay and request evidence of their income and spending
  • Obtain a court order that will award you the money you are owed, also known as a money judgment
  • Take steps to ensure the money judgment is honored

Why should you hire an attorney? 

You may be thinking that your business does not need an attorney to collect a debt. Perhaps you believe the Florida commercial debt collection service is an undertaking your company can handle. In some cases, this may be true. However, we recommend that you seek legal representation if your business is experiencing the following:

  • You are attempting to collect a debt from a large company. Corporate debts can be challenging to collect, as these companies tend to have lots of resources at their disposal.
  • The client has substantially high debt. If your client owes you thousands of dollars, this isn’t to be taken lightly. You don’t want to do anything to risk losing such a large amount of money. Hiring a lawyer may be an expense, but worthwhile.
  • You have attempted to collect a debt for several years, and now you’re taking the client to court. If you’re going to court, it’s highly recommended that you hire legal representation, rather than represent yourself or hire an attorney that isn’t experienced in Florida commercial debt collection.
  • You are confused about a matter and need legal advice on your best course of action. A commercial collections lawyer Delray Beach will be able to assist you.
  • You must write a legal complaint. Writing a demand letter may seem cut and dried, but there are many small, yet crucial details that go into it. For example, the letter needs to be short and to the point, so the judge or court clerk will read the entirety of it; but it must also be detailed. An attorney can write an effective letter that may even prompt your client into settling the debt to avoid going to court.

Should you hire an attorney or agency? 

At the Law Office of Thomas J. Maccari P.A., we frequently get asked the difference between a debt attorney vs debt agency. There are some responsibilities that these two occupations share. For example, a debt collecting agency can discuss strategies to help you collect a debt. However, if you need to pursue the matter legally, the agency can no longer be of assistance.

Whereas an attorney can provide legal action, draft demand letters, and even represent you in court. So, if the matter has gone on too long, or there is a large sum of money at stake, it’s recommended to hire a commercial collections lawyer in Delray Beach.

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