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Don’t Get Frozen Out From Collecting The Debt You Are Owed

While the rest of the nation is starting to feel the ‘change of the season’ and cooler temperatures, now is a great time to warm up those that owe you or your company money to paying those outstanding debts.

The Law Firm of Thomas J. Maccari, PA in Boca Raton has been serving those owed money in the State of Florida for over 20 years. We combine the latest technology with our 20+ years of experience to ensure you receive superior representation and superior results in collecting your outstanding debts.

Find out how we can provide you with the highest debt collection rates at an affordable cost. While we have expertise in the collection of debts in the construction, insurance, retail, restaurant and plumbing industries, our experience is not limited to those industries.

Find out how we can assist you in your debt collection needs. Request a consultation today by filling out the form on our Contact Us page or give  us a call at 561-982-9772. We are here to help you with all your commercial collections, lien enforcement and civil litigation needs.

Why Choose Attorney Thomas J Maccari, PA?

When it comes to collecting a commercial  that is owed to your South Florida company, there are a lot of collection agencies to choose from. To insure you get the best legal representation and to give you the highest probability of collecting that debt, choose a reputable collection attorney. Having a lawyer handle your collections gives you an increased probability of success.

At Thomas J. Maccari, PA, we combine the latest technology with our 20+ years of experience as a bonded collections lawyer in the state of Florida. This offers you superior representation and superior results. We understand the unique aspects of corporate collections in Florida and as such, can offer

you an insider’s advantage and useful tips that you wouldn’t normally enjoy with a standard collection agency.

Whether you need assistance with commercial and corporate debt collection services, lien #enforcement or need help with civil litigation, our law offices are your go to solution in Florida. Give us a call at 561-982-9772 to find out how we can provide the best solutions to your collection issues and give you the best possible results in the quickest possible time frame.

Don’t Get Frozen Out From Collecting The Debt You Are Owed
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