The Coronavirus pandemic has hit many businesses hard, especially in South Florida, where its cities depend on the dining, entertainment, and hotel industries to bolster its once healthy tourism business . The harsh economic reality will undoubtedly face its citizens and businesses alike as government support becomes less available and unpaid bills start piling up. Florida commercial debt collection is on the rise during the pandemic. Many companies are now bracing themselves for the avalanche of businesses that are unable to pay their financial obligations. A recent economic report found that more than 74% of small businesses are now in debt due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Running a business can be difficult during a pandemic, but what happens when your customers fail to pay you on time or not at all?

 If you’ve tried your best to collect a debt to no avail, it may be time to contact a commercial collections attorney for assistance. Even during a pandemic, you are within your rights to collect a debt that is owed you. The Law Offices of Thomas J. Maccari can assist you with all your commercial debt collection needs at an affordable cost. We have experience collecting debts in many areas, including banks and credit unions, medical providers, hospitals, insurance providers, retail, restaurant, construction industries, and much more.

What are some steps and strategies to collect a debt?

  1. Send a Strong Letter

Before you turn to a commercial collections attorney to help, make sure you have tried all avenues available to you. Take all reasonable steps to collect a debt from your customers by sending a strong debt collection letter. If you receive no response to the initial letter, send out a follow-up letter and then a final letter before taking your case to the next level.

  1. Hire a Collections Agency

Many people hire a collection agency when their payment requests go unanswered. During the age of Covid-19, there may be some consumer agencies in place to help your customers avoid or stop debt collection agencies from harassing you altogether. If you feel that your debt collection requests may violate another’s rights, it’s best to contact a commercial debt collection attorney to assist you with the more complex strategies available to build your case.

  1. Hire a Commercial Debt Collection Attorney

There are many ways in which a debt collections attorney can help. As one of the strategies for commercial collections, your attorney may first send out a well-crafted letter to help move the situation towards a positive resolution. Your attorney may also garnish and freeze the bank account of a debtor. In some cases, they may seek to litigate your case by filing a lawsuit in court to seek a judgment in your favor. Once a favorable judgment is received, a commercial debt collection attorney can also help you navigate the debt collection process.

Why contact a commercial debt collection attorney today?

Thomas J. Maccari, P.A., is an experienced commercial debt collection attorney located in sunny South Florida in the beautiful city of Boca Raton. We have been serving  the entire South Florida area for more than 20 years. We provide personalized attention and real solutions, along with the best legal strategies to collect your debts as quickly as possible. Call us today for a free consultation at (561) 982-9772.

Should a Business Owner Hire a Commercial Collections Attorney During a Pandemic?

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