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Collect on Monies Owed to Your Florida Business with Collection Tips

Is your Florida company’s cash flow clogged due to overdue invoices? Are you having problems collecting money from your clients? Not sure how to go about motivating them to pay?

There are several methods commonly used in collection efforts here in Florida. Some are worthwhile, some are costly and some just plain ineffective.

Here are a few ways that you can try to increase your business cash flow:

1 – Spend your valuable time making collection calls and putting together friendly but firm past due emails and letters hoping to get a response.

2 – Spend your assistant’s valuable time doing those tedious tasks

3 – Sell your receivables at a discounted rate to a factor or a bank.

4 – Hire an ethical collection firm with a legal team behind it.

5 – Take out a short term business loan

6 – Borrow money from your rich uncle

With over 23 years of helping Florida companies like yours collect on what is owed to them, I enjoy showing my clients how to leverage the power of a law firm in collecting debts, My staff prides itself on an ability to serve clients quickly and efficiently and to obtain payment from the debtor before litigation whenever possible.

Should litigation be necessary, I have over 25 years as a civil litigator will ensure that the litigation is handled in the most efficient manner possible.

Want more collection tips and ways to increase your cash flow? In the coming blogs I will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each method of corporate commercial collection.

Want to Learn How to Increase Your Company’s Cash Flow?

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